This research aims to study the administrative sanctions against violations of the audio-visual media, under the administrative oversight of the judiciary in France. The study focuses particularly on the concept of administrative sanctions, their nature and characteristics, the nature of audio-visual media, relevant administrative authorities within the scope of audio-visual media and the administrative sanctions within it and judicial oversight over such sanctions, especially after ending the state monopoly of the audio-visual media sector and the Declaration of freedom of telecommunications and the withdrawal of this jurisdiction from the political authority and granting it to independent institutions that combine the audio-visual media with the implementation.

The study concluded that the authority of the Supreme Council for Audio-visual media is not limited to enforcing traditional sanctions such as stopping, withdrawing, limiting durations, or imposing fines against audio-visual media licenses, rather it has the right to file a lawsuit before the administrative judge to require the offender to comply and abide by the law. In addition, the Supreme Council for Audio-Visual media has the right to impose sanctions that fall within the scope of the application of Article No. 6 / 1 of the European Convention on Human Rights