Higher education represents an essential need for society, enabling its comprehensive revival. Furthermore, money forms the foundation upon which people’s worldly lives are based, affirming the meaning of the Quranic verse: “Al Nisaa”:5. In fact, money only becomes worthwhile when it contributes to providing an education to its seekers, especially higher education as it the means of elevating the nation and lead it from darkness to enlightenment.

To achieve the noble goals of financing education and benefit all involved parties - the university, financial institute and the student - appropriate investment modes should exist. The researcher shows that the ijarah (lease) contract with its elements and stipulations is a suitable mode of finance for higher education showing how the contract could be adapted outlining the main elements of the contract and its subject. He also shows the efficiency of such a contract within the confines of Islamic Jurisprudence and financing utilities. He goes on to show the problems that could arise upon implementation of the ijarah contract and proposes suitable solutions as well as outlining the results and proposals arrived at consequently.

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