In this research, we deal with International Legal System for protecting UN Peace Keeping Forces, based on the important and increasing role, which such forces practice in international relationships.

By this study, I find that international protection system has not achieved its intended purpose. It is stained by inability and ambiguity. Such is a natural result of the fact that such system has been formulated as reaction to the assaults, which such forces were subject to recently.

The rules and immunity of UN Peace Keeping Forces remained dispersed within international legal texts.

No clear criterion has been formulated to apply on peacekeeping forces in order to have international protection. Safety Treaty of UN officials and related individuals of 1994 has been used to protect peace keeping forces, while the basic constitution of International Criminal Tribunal has adopted the nature of task which such forces practice upon applying its protection system.

Furthermore, the international protection system does not specify the assaults directed against peacekeeping forces regarding accusation. It considers that such assaults are normal crimes sometimes in accordance with provisions of Safety Treaty of UN officials and related individuals of 1994, while they constitute war crimes as per the basic constitution of International Criminal Tribunal in other times.

Therefore, I see that the international community should establish a special integral legal system for UN forces through international congress, or through the General Assembly, where protection system is its main issue besides other issues, the most important of which is establishing international tribunal for UN forces, which considers the crimes committed by such forces, and the crimes against it.