Landmines are considered as one of the arsenals of conventional weapons of armies and are originally used as a means of defense to protect an area, stop the advance of the enemy, or to inflict the greatest possible loss on them. However, their increasing destructive power has caused a lot of and material and human losses incurred by the innocent. This requires the international actors to move in order to remove the pain, especially that suffered by civilians, so humanitarian considerations should take precedence over military necessity. In the spirit of spreading safety and security, Islamic law prohibits the use of landmines due to their vast destruction and panic spread.

There is no doubt that international liability for damage resulting from the implantation of these mines is still one of the thorniest issues at all international levels. The study addresses the mines in the Egyptian territory as a model, the harm suffered by them, the rules governing liability for damage resulting from them, and the consequent effects. Finally, the paper discusses some of the solutions which the study calls for.