The Lack of concern of the Islamic Nation (I.N.) to their doctrine yields illiterate and put its civilization behind all the other nations. Nowadays, the civilization of I.N. is in a decreasing state as a result of being less concerned on their doctrine. But despite of all these factors, the I.N. has proved its standing in the community with the help of Quraan as a guide in many ways and working with its doctrine resolve a lot of issues that showed up these days. Not only following the suggestions and non trust worthy sources. The philosophical logic is having a very clear role in side this doctrine which put it into a lot of arguments. As we know the Holly Quraan is used in its way to be guidance in multiple ways. One of these ways is the example, story, discussion and argument. For example, the discussion between Ibrahim and his father, the argument between Ibrahim with his people, Ibrahim and Al-Namroud. In this article one can pave the way for us to carry out this doctrine and better understand the essences of the Holly Quraan and how to deal with everyday life issues along this doctrine.

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