It is said that 'honor' is the most precious of all things to human, and that without it the life itself becomes undignified especially for societies who give too much of a weight to this matter such as the Islamic Arabian societies.

The world has recently witnessed massive changes in the way of life that has produced a variety of new crimes and criminal techniques which gravely scratches the person's honor. These had specific adverse consequences on the Arabic societies, since this part of the world has become easily connected to the rest of the liberal countries within the concept of global village that the internet and satellite technologies have produced. For instance, no one would doubt that the internet use has made it so easy to impair the children's sexual morality wherever they are and perhaps leading to incidents of children sexual abuse. This has uncovered the weakness of most legislations to encounter such a problem in an efficient manner.

As such, it becomes vital to look into the capability of the Jordanian legislations, as part of the Arab world, in tackling this specific issue. In so doing it will be apparent that the traditional laws ought to be analyzed in order to stand on their efficiency of facing the issue of child sexual abuse and the liability of the internet suppliers in that respect.

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