Whoever looks at the dialogues between Muslims and others in the last decades, will notice that the Muslim's side had suffered – until now – from the lack of protocol and theoretical procedures that control it and allow for organizing the experiences of the dialogue, develop it and come up with its lessons.

The holy Quran contains a complete perspective that is rich of various types of dialogues in different issues and between different sides. This is considered as enrichment, training fields and guidance for everyone who wants to open the dialogue door with anyone, in any issue and in any time.

Also, through our analysis of the dialogue perspectives that verses of holy Quran is enriched with, we stop and look at the countenance of its protocol in dialoging with others. The protocol which aims at achieving the goals of the dialogue, so that we will not be like the one who blows on ashes or screams in a valley when we storm into this field.

This study is concerned with the drawing of the methodology of the dialogue protocol through several ways. First of all is through acknowledging the other and considering that the differences between humans are congenital. Second, is that there is no limitation for dialogue. Third, through knowing the other. Fourth, using our minds and abide by the scientific protocol which has the availability of intellectual freedom, full knowledge on dialogue issue, restrict the goal of the dialogue and illustrate it, abide by the rule that say if you are narrator then the truth or claimer then the proof , avoid being on the contradictions and restrict the terminologies. Fifth, abide by dialogue decency which appears on reject the fanaticism of the previous ideas, virtue of the tongue, adapt to accept dialogue results, my opinion is right but it could be wrong, others opinion is wrong but it could be right and keep away from anxiousness

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