The commercial mandate is one of the most widespread commercial contracts, that is why most legislations had to regulate it with special rules, making it a well noted commercial contract. Nevertheless the Iraqi legislature had a special method as he considered the commercial mandate as a business, but he did not assign it to certain provisions, which means that it will be subject to the provisions of the general rules.

The commercial life has its characteristics and the commercial mandate has its own characteristics. What suits civil dealing does not necessarily suit the business. Accordingly, the unification of the provisions of civil and commercial mandates necessitates careful consideration, especially when it comes to the obligations of the commercial mandate. This raises the question whether it is possible for the general rules to meet the requirements of business. This research is an attempt to analyze the method of the Iraqi legislature in light of the reality of the Commercial businesses and parallel to the Emirate and Egyptian legislations in order to answer the question posed by the reality.