This research deals with aspects of consumption in Islamic perspective, First we discussed the Islamic verses that interdict prodigality and overspending even within legal aspects if performed in excess. In addition, we went through Islamic verses that forbid consumption scrimping and under spending. We clarified that, the approach of Islam limits consumption to a middle-ground between parsimony and overspending. Allah Says "and the ones who, when they expend, are neither extravagant nor grudging; and between that is really an upright mean" (Al-Furqan; 67); as consumption in Islamic economy is broadly different from human economy.

Then, in the final part, we overviewed the outgrowth of consumption moderateness and temperance and the upshot of violation, Allah Says "and don't set up your hand shackled to your neck, nor outspread it widespread altogether, for then you will sit blamed and regretfully rejected" (Al-Isra, 29).

The conclusion included the main recommendations of the study as it is mandatory to stick to Islamic approach in consumption, to prioritize Islamic needs upon consumption and to spread awareness of Islamic consumption view through preaches, symposiums and multiple mass media.

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