The aim of this research is to discuss the right of access to information on issues of environment as a fundamental human right. The research reviews the international, European and French efforts being exerted to approve"the right to environment" as well as"the right of access to environmental information" as a principle among the general principles of the environmental law in addition to the means and effect of approving such right.

The research stressed in its conclusion that the right to acquire information on environmental issues is deemed as "right of freedom" among the general freedoms according to Article No. 34 of the French Constitution noting that this right is considered as an essential tool for the enforcement of the right to environment. In addition this right shall also have a constitutional value in case the French Parliament adopted the draft constitutional amendment on the preamble of the constitution for the year 1958 and the draft charter on environment the research concluded.

Against this background, this paper tries to clarify the religious perception of human rights. Due to space constrains the paper will concentrate only on Hinduism and Islam, with a brief comparative reference to Magian religion, and will discuss some important aspects of Human Rights such as : the right of freedom; (Civil and Religious), the right of equality, the right to live and women’s rights, with special reference to Islam