This study has surveyed the importance of justice in the modern societies. It focuses on the role of the judiciary and system in Solidifying strengthening justice for the sake of human welfare.

The key element in the study is the role of the judge. In its finest part the study deals with the external factors which influence the judge and which should be avoided to insure justice. It also deals with the judiciary conditions in general such as setting the proper circumstances for trial and some are related to the judge's personality such as being just, knowledgeable, and being male.

The second part of the research deals with the texts which are cited in the Yemeni Constitution, law and regulations. Emphasis is placed on principles which guarantee equity of all individuals in court and independence of the judiciary system. The study discussed supervision of the activities including judges and courts.

The study concludes with emphasis on the necessity for appointing judges who meet judiciary terms such as being true, just, male and faithful to Islam. The study also showed the need for more discipline in in supervision activities and judges and judiciary procedures. a

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