Human Rights are an essential part of the cultural patterns of Human Societies. The issue has a dialectical relationship with social behaviors and political practices that expresses itself in ideas and thoughts, which imposes itself on politicians and political thinkers especially in Western Civilization as we see it in Medieval and contemporary history of the West. Today it has become the issue that engages the arena of our Contemporary Politics and Thought. It is not suprising to see our thinkers and political leaders engaged in discussing it in all its dimensions.

Since Religion is an important constituent of human culture as it always used to be – it becomes vital to study the issue of human rights in religious cultures: past and present, and to get inspiration from them. Against this background, this paper tries to clarify the religious perception of human rights.

Due to space constrains the paper will concentrate only on Hinduism and Islam, with a brief comparative reference to Magian religion, and will discuss some important aspects of Human Rights such as : the right of freedom; (Civil and Religious), The right of equality, the right to live and the women’s rights, with special reference to Islam