The first chapter includes the meaning of information and data, its kinds and mane points of resemblance, and difference between data and information, and the most important characteristics of information.

The second chapter putting for ward the necessity of research about criminal protection for personal data and information stored in computer which are represented in the following :-

1- The logical justification to search for protection.

2- The risks which the life specially exposed to, in particular, after depending on computer to store the personal data and information.

3- The importance for criminal protection.

But the third chapter which comprises the difficulties which face the research during the application provision of penal law.

These difficulties can be defined specifically by the following:-

1- Nature of the aggression which personal data and information exposed to.

2- Extent of application or applying the condition which requisite at information crime.

3- The risk which face applying the provision of penal law.

In the fourth chapter which includes showing the criminal protection to personal data and information through the provision of supporting or protecting special life in Egyptian legislation.

Within this legislation we discuss the crime against special life, and we review eavesdropping crime, wire tapping crime, recording and transcription of personal conversation.

Also, we review picking up by receiving set, taking photographs or pictures by any receiver from special place.

And we discuss the provision of supporting special life in Libyan legislation, and Iraqi legislation, and we explain the weak points of this provision, and it s failure to protect personal data and information stored in computer.

At last we show that the French legislation is the best in this respect or field.

Finally within the fifth chapter we discuss the criminal protection for personal data and information stored in computer through secret revealing crime which we declare the mane basic element, and we declare that these elements can not be stratification at the personal data and information, and incapable of the its protection

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