Financial institutions found more advanced means of settlement than the common commercial papers in the commercial environment, and more advanced than prevailing monies in the economic environment, which strengthened the credit and settlement environment through non-traditional tools, the most important of which is the credit and settlement cards innovated by the commercial transactions with widely spread grand stores, as a substitute for money. This made people use it excessively, a case which resulted in wide spread and consequently more legal complications the most important of which is the forgery and distortion. This dictates a necessity to study the criminal liability emanating from such acts and to search for an effective mechanism for a criminal protection of the card. Accordingly, the study has been divided into three parts, the first part studies the use of expired or cancelled card, the second part studies the responsibility of not returning the card after expiry while the third studies the responsibility emanating from exceeding the allowed limit of monies which can be drawn with the card

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