Terrorism Funds considered as modern issue which has been given an important attention by the international community in particular after the adoption of the international convention on the suppression of the financing of terrorism in 1999 and the security council resolution number 1373 dated 28 September 2001 which came after the 11th September attacks. This resolution has forced the UN members to criminalize terrorism funds and money laundry.

Jordanhas ratified this convention by adopting legislation number 83 in 2003, and criminized bank activities which are related to terrorist activities in paragraph 2 article 147 from the criminal code. This legislation does not criminize the terrorism funds directly. Therefore we will try throughout this paper to clarify the legal status of terrorism funds in Jordanian legal system and whether the current legal provisions are sufficient to deal with thin issue in three chapters: chapter 1 the concept of terrorism funds; chapter 2 raises the question whether the public rules are enough to criminize the terrorism funds; chapter 3 concentrates on the criminizing of terrorism funds in private provisions.

The research end with recommendations and suggestions.

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