This research is aim to show the truth of endowment which the Islam legislated and to clearing up the Islamic societies and the humanity needs, because the purposes are to achieve the progress for Human being Generally, happiness, and securing the spiritual and material ambitions.

The routes that Muslims treaded for that are the endowments of mosques, schools, Universities, general and special libraries, scientific and researching centers. They had constructed too much of these a length and wide of countries. They had spent a peerless generosity at these and scientists, teachers, employees, students and requisites which the marks still nowadays.

The various endowments were contributed in founding a blooming civilization with a moral quality and human rational behavior, to constitute a big starting of height intellectual of free and autonomous without of Governments effects, so these endowments were founded a comprehensive scientific and cultural rising. The effects of it were hundreds thousands of scientists, researchers, authors, inventors and thinking men in various creativity in various human knowledge and cultural, scientific, and social specialization which availed the modern western culture.

This research showed the general and special endowments Islamic money which was contributed in the civilized development which is still big until nowadays and still waiting the modern role to exertion the high development sincere efforts to be utilization.

In this research we have submitted a proposal group of styles, methods and modern local and international samples which are suitable to invest the current endowments properties in order to achieve the human being happiness and to provide his spiritual and material ambitions. So to develop his donations and cultural and spiritual knowledge, specially in arising Islamic society which is try to reduce the gap between them and the other advanced society.

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