Reality and livelihood are fields of study for scholars from different backgrounds and interests, especially those of religious fundamentals. Hence reality is a base of showing up a number of practical speculated roles. This was clear in the Islamic jurisprudence, which fits a system of applications through fundamentals and the methods of the fundamental schools.

This paper is trying to discuss the relationship between speculations and suspicions fundamentals in the process of dealing with reality and any developed cases. With out omission of the modern social and human sciences, for a better understanding of the reality chains.

In order to make it clear, we will divide our paper into three chapters, one for the necessity of relaying our jurisprudence on a speculation bases, to state the fact of the competence of this jurisprudence in every time and place. A second chapter will prove the ability of making use of the legislative and human sciences in a combination to understand reality, in order to come out with a set of roles and legislations that would benefit our lives.

The last chapter will discuss a practical real example of the above mentioned issue, that is the reality based- legislation, an example discusses the role of an American Muslim soldier towards the war against other Muslims.

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