Establishing political parties was banned in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan during the period 1975 to 1992. During this period, joining a hid den party by a public employee was considered as a behavior al breach leading to disciplinary action, which was at that time, termination of the employee's services in accordance with martial law No 4/1970.

In 1992 Political Parties Law No 32/1992 was released which gave public employees the right to establish political parties and to join existing ones. Some categories have been exempted from this right such as Judges, Military Men and Security Departments employees as they are considered incumbents of positions which should never be allowed to practice political activities for being guardians of democracy.

Although the Political Parties Law allowed public employees m general, except the exempted categories, to participate in establishing or joining political parties, but laid down a number of obligations on them which are represented by the following two obligations:

I. To be conservative · in political life.

II. To be neutral in performing his official job.

The researcher at the end of his research made some recommendations towards clarifying things to the Jordanian n public employee in order to safeguard him once he joins a political party. These recommendations are represented in the following:

i. The necessity to identify political positions filling and termination of their incumbents are inherited rights to the governments, in order to allow the winning party in parliamentary elections to appoint its members in those positions for the sake of applying the party's general policy.

ii. The obligation of being conservative in political life has to be clarified.

iii. The obligation of neutrality in performing official job has also to be clarified.