Bukhari, the Imam and forefront Hadith scholar, has left for the Muslims an exquisitely sound book, second to t h e Holy Quran only. His Sahi h was accepted by the Muslims like no other book. Bukhari collected in his book the Hadiths of Prophet Muhammad whenever he found that Hadith compatible with his term s of sound ness. His classi­fication of Hadith falls into chapters on Fiqh forming the principles of Islamic jurisprudence, backed with biographies of scholars in the field. Therefore, we find it useful to present a brief survey of Bukhari's biographies to help in the understanding of his Figh. This falls in 8 section s: 1. Brief biography of Imam Bukhari. 2. Bukhari's methodology. 3. Bukhari’s concern with classification and biography. 4. Precision and depth of classification and biograph y. 5. The importance and use of classification and biography. 6. Bukhari's school in Fiqh. 7. Books written on Bukhari's biographies. 8. Methods of Bukhari's classification with examples.

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