The University library “Svetozar Marković” possesses the most extensive and most valuable collection of doctoral dissertations defended at the University of Belgrade and other universities in Serbia or abroad, but this corpus is not unique. It can be divided into several sub-collections: current doctoral dissertations, which include mandatory archiving since 2012; a collection of doctoral dissertations digitized retrospectively by users’ demand; and, finally, a collection of old Serbian dissertations, which includes those defended by Serbian scientists at foreign universities and defended at the University of Belgrade at the beginning of the 20th century. In this paper, these sub-collections are described, analyzed, and observed through several criteria (completeness, existing support, location, availability, and copyright issues). The importance of a straightforward procedure was revealed, and copyright issues were identified as predominant. Legal regulations at the national or university level, together with library institutions that perform digitization services, can achieve desirable results.

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