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Master of Education (MEd)



First Advisor

Dr. Sheikh Al Thaneji

Second Advisor

Dr. Ali Said Ibrahim

Third Advisor

Dr. Muhammed Sadiq Shaban


This study aims to identify the role of school principals in motivating teachers in the second cycle schools in Al Ain City, through answering the following research questions: To what extent do school principals in Al Ain City schools assume the role of teacher motivation from the viewpoint of second cycle teachers in Al Ain schools? And what are the teachers’ proposals for activating the role of school principals in teacher recommendations/suggestions? A mixed (quantitative – qualitative) approach was used, which adopted a questionnaire and open questions. The research sample included 258 teachers in 4 boy schools in the second cycle in Al Ain. The study revealed that the motivational practices of school principals in the moral, administrative and social aspects, ranged from average to weak while financial motivation was very weak. Moreover, teachers stressed the need for enhancing all forms of motivation through making motivation methods such as professional development programs for school principals, giving school principals more powers and independence, and good vocational and educational choice of school principals who are able to invest the potential of teachers and motivate them.

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