Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)


Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Dr.Hassan AL khomairy

Second Advisor

Dr.Ali Said Ibrahim

Third Advisor

Mohamed Al Hosani


From the teacher perspective this research paper will introduce the best communication methods that are used by principals and teaching staff in the Al Ain Education Zone, and giving suggestions to improve the communication between the principals and teachers. To achieve the goals from this study, the researcher select 226 teachers both male and female from 1 0 high schools in Al Ain. The researcher conducted a survey to measure the methods which can ease the communication between principals and teachers.

The researcher used different techniques to determine the averages and standard deviation to analyses the answers of the survey. And to know if there is different between male and female teachers the researcher used t-test and measure the average and standard deviation. The researchers use quantitative and qualitative approaches to find more explanation to some survey result. In addition the researcher made personal interviews with some teachers for more specified suggestions to help principals to introduce effective communication techniques.

The results of this research paper showed that there were no differences between the genders of the teacher for the first standard method of communication but there were some differences in the last three standards in applying the effective ways of communications. Depending on the final results the researcher provide a number of recommendations which will help to increase the productivity of communication between teachers and their principals. For example, professional development sessions for principals should improve human relations that will improve the desire goals and ensure to motivated teachers in different ways.