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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Dr. Sadiq Abdul wahed Ismail

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Dr. Negmelden Alsheikh

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Prof. Hamza Dodeen


Developing good reading skills and strategies in the English language is very important for the success of academic, cultural, economic and personal pursuits. However, some students are still experiencing serious difficulties in their reading comprehension skills that are attributed to an inadequate use of reading comprehension strategies, lack of reading motivation and inappropriate uses of resources. The study aimed at exploring the impact of Tablet Digital Texts versus Print Texts on seventh grade students' reading achievements, reading strategies, and reading motivation. A quantitative method with a correlational design was employed in this study. Moreover, the study sample consisted of seventh grade students (N=75) assigned to two groups; tablet digital texts group (n=34) and print texts group (n=41). For collecting quantitative data to answer the five research questions, three measures were used (a) Reading Achievement Test to measure the Reading Achievements, (b) Survey of Reading Strategies to identify the reading strategies, and (c) Survey of Reading Motivation to identify the motivation levels of the students. The reading achievements, strategies, and motivation were compared and correlated in and between the two groups. The results of the study showed that the tablet digital texts group scored higher than the print texts group in the reading achievements, reading strategies and reading motivation. Besides, most correlations were positive in both groups between the reading achievements, reading strategies and reading motivation. However, the correlation coefficients between the three variables in the tablet digital texts group were reported higher than the print texts group. Based on the study results, some recommendations are offered for students, teachers, and educators for maximizing the reading achievements, improving reading strategies and increasing students' reading motivation. Schools are recommended to shift towards tablet integration to enhance teaching and learning reading. The study may contribute to fill the research gap within the Gulf area and beyond as there are limited research studies about integrating smart technology in teaching and learning reading at the school levels.

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