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Master of Science (MS)


Architectural Engineering

First Advisor

Dr. YasserElsheshtawy

Second Advisor

Khaled Galal Ahmed

Third Advisor

Mallika Bose,


The purpose of this research is to understand how physical characteristics of parks with a particular focus on different levels of enclosure affect park usage level and user patterns in the city of Al-Ain, UAE. Parks in Al Ain are present in different parts of the city and provide plenty of opportunities for leisure and recreation. Despite this diversity, parks located within the inner city area remain the most popular among the residents of Al-Ain, and have expanded significantly in the last few years. Specifically, this thesis aims to understand how the levels of usage and the behavioral patterns of the park users vary at parks of different levels of enclosure.

In order to achieve the aforementioned aim, data from two different parks with different levels of enclosure are considered. Data from the two parks is compared and the effects of several factors on a visitor’s choices are explored. This research includes an exploration of who visits the parks, activities taking place and their locations. The investigation also explores people perception thoughts and concerns about their use of parks.

Data analyzed in this research is collected through field observations and interviews with park users. ArcGIS was the primary tool used for coding and mapping the people’s behaviour and identifying patterns and related to a given park’s usage. Survey questionnaire and interviews were used to understand people’s thoughts and perceptions and how different park characteristics could influence their use of the park.

Results of this research will enhance the understanding of how people experience the different park characteristics and different levels of enclosure. In the future, this might serve as a guide for the city council to better design and organize parks and in turn avoid exclusion of some groups from park use and would enhance the overall experience of users.

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