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Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Thies Thiemann

Second Advisor

Soleiman Hisaindee

Third Advisor

ldeisan Abu Abdoun


Steroids bonded to pharmaceutically active molecules are interesting candidates as therapeutic agents. In this work, a number of potentially bioactive residues, which include the quinoid moiety, have been synthesized as a simple steroid quinone hybrid, where the steroid component will be estradiol derived or the steroid cholesterol derived. For this purpose, two novel reactions have been explored namely, the modification of the APPEL reaction to connect residues by using PPh3/BrCCl3 for amidation and esterification of carboxylic acids. Another one is the hydrogenation reaction of alkenes by using NaBH4, AcOH, Pd/C and toluene or benzene in the presence of benzyl groups with hydrogen production in situ. The halogenation of residues that can be linked to steroids has also been attempted. The main aim of the proposal work is the development of a strategy that can be adopted for the radio-halogenation of the residues that function as potential radiodiagnostic agents when linked to the steroid.

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Chemistry Commons