Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)


Curriculum & Instruction

First Advisor

Dr. Sadiq A. Ismail

Second Advisor

Abdurrahman Almekhalafi

Third Advisor

Dr. Mohammed Shaban


Writing is one of the skills learners need to acquire using effective strategies. Teaching writing is not an easy task for English teachers because selecting appropriate teaching methods need careful planning, observation, and assessment. Teachers devote time and effort for correcting students’ writing believing that correct feedback might improve students’ writing. This study of 200 Grade 4 to 8 teachers of English in Al Ain explored feedback related to types of errors in students’ writing and type of feedback teachers provide when they respond to students’ writing. Furthermore, this study investigated teachers’ concern associated with providing with providing corrective feedback.

English teachers responded to a questionnaire. The results revealed that they tend to respond to all types of errors and most teachers spend a great deal of time responding to students’ writing, focusing on meaning. Additionally, English teachers varied in their responses regarding difficulties they face when providing corrective feedback in writing classes. They reported different kinds of barrier such as time required to provide feedback, students’ understanding of symbols, class management, etc. Other important results indicated that many teachers (M=4.06, SD=.970) were concerned about the time required to respond to students’ writing and a few of them (M=2.27, SD=1.242) reported that providing feedback is boring.

Moreover, the data showed that teachers used a ranged of different types of feedback such as writing positive comment, displaying students’ best work, feedback based on students’ needs, and oral feedback. While writing positive comments was the most common, sending electronic feedback to student was the least one.

The researcher recommended that providing feedback on students’ writing based on their needs might be better than responding of all types of error. Additionally, it is recommended to focus on meaning and content rather than on form and accuracy. Finally, the researcher suggested that students should be encouraged to use self-assessment and peer assessment after writing. The last recommendation was intended for conducting further studies on this topic.