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Master of Science (MS)


Agricultural Education

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Dr. Mohammed Abdul Mohsen Salem Al-Yafei

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Dr. Shyam S. Kurup

Third Advisor

Dr. Abdul Jaleel Cheruth


Managing water consumption of the crops is one of the strategies which have been adopted locally and worldwide in current trends of sustainable agriculture, in addition to the low level of water resources in UAE because of the rare precipitation, no fresh free flowing water; no rivers, lakes or streams. The present study was objective to evaluate the effects of organic exogenous Glycine Betaine on two forage crops Alfa alfa (Medicago sativa L.) & Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp.) within different levels of drought stress. A pot experiment was designed on completely randomized block design (CRBD) with three replicates in each treatment in each plant. Seeds were germinated and the plants watered as required. Exogenous Glycine Betaine was applied as foliar spray in three concentrations (0,100 and 200 ppm) for five times with five days intervals. Water deficit stress start within the second Glycine Betaine treatment in three levels (24h: 100% well-watered recommended), (48h: 60% water deficit) and (72h: 40% water deficit) depending on the required quantity. Growth characteristics, pigment concentrations, biochemical content and Mineral nutrients levels were measured in response to the treatment variables. Results show Glycine Betaine has significant increment in Growth parameters, biochemical contents and Mineral nutrients concentrations. As a conclusion the results suggest that exogenous applications of Glycine Betaine were improve the drought tolerance in Cowpea and has enhanced the Alfa alfa performance under water deficit stress in both concentrations 100 & 200 ppm under drought stress of 60% of irrigations water . In due of comparison of Cowpea and Alfa alfa in their response to Glycine Betaine under the water deficit conditions, it’s found from this study that Glycine Betaine has better effect on the Cowpea under drought stress than Alfa alfa.

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