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Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Dr. Mohamed A Lazab Al Nnaqbi

Second Advisor

Dr. Yaser E. Greish


Cleaning oil spills is a universal concern due to its environmental impact. The aim of this study is to study the effectiveness and applications of pure and recycled polymers in clean-up and the recovery of crude oil from oil spills. In this study, micro-nanofibres of analytical-grade and commercial polystyrene samples were prepared by electrospinning technique. Fiber size distribution was shown to vary with the electrospinning parameters and type of polymer. Fibrous sorbents prepared hereafter were investigated for their efficiency in removing oil spill. Results showed variation in the sorption capacities of the fibers to various types of crude oils with the morphology of the fibers and the conditions at which they were prepared. Results also showed a variation of the sorption capacities with the original properties of the crude oils investigated. To fine-tune the sorption process, optimization of the electrospinning process was carried out including electrospinning setup parameters as well as polymeric solution and electrospining chamber parameters. Correlations were established between each of the parameters and the sorption efficiency of the fibrous sorbents prepared thereafter. A high potential of the fibrous sorbents in the removal of crude oil spills was, therefore, proven with experimental evidences and structure-property relationships.

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Chemistry Commons