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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Mass Communication

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Saddik Gohar

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Ali Noor Mohamed

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Hosny Eldaly


Social media are one of the current forms of media that have diverse qualities and characteristics. Today, the use of social media is growing day by day at a significant rate. It is in this domain that students can virtually meet with their classmates and their teachers. They can communicate issues that are of significance and are related to their learning process. This study aimed to explore how social media platforms could affect English learning skills and to find whether social media could improve English language skills. The current study used mixed methods involving quantitative and qualitative approaches, such as interviews, questionnaires, as well as an experimental research method, which was employed in the current study. Pre-test and post-test were applied for examining the students‟ performance before and after the experiment to examine the influence of social media platforms used on improving the students writing and speaking skills. Evidence from the three instruments, questionnaire, interview, and the quasi-experiment (pre-post-test) showed how social media platforms influence the students' English learning skills. Conclusively, the use of social media platforms contributes to the improvement of students‟ skills and increases their motivation when writing recount texts. Therefore, this study suggests that social media should be incorporated into the UAE pedagogical system to improve the reading and speaking skills of the students significantly. It is thus logical to find that social networking sites (SNS) can be an excellent platform for teaching and learning of the English language. Especially for developing English reading and writing, students can utilize the (SNS) regularly.

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