Method for Treating Particulate Material

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This invention describes the use of a fluidized bed reactor in the carbonation of a solid, inorganic and alkaline particulate material which contains alkaline metal salts. It also describes a method for treating cement kiln dust (CKD) containing alkaline metal salts. The treatment method comprises two steps: (a) a hydration step; and (b) a carbonation step, wherein the carbonation step is carried out in a fluidized bed reactor. In a preferred aspect of the present invention, the treated CKD is used as an aggregate in sulfur polymer concrete (SPC). Accordingly, the present invention also provides a method for producing SPC, which method comprises heating and mixing of the present invention, elemental sulfur and modified sulfur to Produce a mixture. The SPC can be used as a barrier to restrict permeation of matter, e.g. in a containment construction for storing matter such as hazardous waste.

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