Filter and Process of use to produce Carbon nano-tubes from Automotive Exhausts


Yousef Haik

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We disclose a novel filter and process that converts the Wastes in automotive exhausts into carbon nanotubes. The filter surface is composed of iron of similar catalyst. The filter is placed along the pathWay of exhaust streamlines preferably at an angle of more than 5°. and less than 15°. The filter is heated to temperatures in the range of 200-10000 C. The filter described in this invention can Work in its own or supplement existing filtration systems. The end product of this filtration system is a material that is commercially valuable. The synthesized carbon nanotubes are purified using ionic liquid solution that is capable of removing undesirable carbonated material and leaving 95% purified carbon nanotubes. The purified carbon nanotubes have a diameter of 20-50 nm and a length of l-l0 micro meters.

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