Submissions from 2015

Substituted Pyridine Derivatives Useful in the Treatment of Cancer, Ibrahim Mahmoud Abdou, Alaa Eldin Abdel Aziz Salem, Abdu Adem, Hussein F. Zhodi, and Hany Abdel Aziz Adeab

Submissions from 2014

Method of identifying whether or not an individual has Parinson's Disease rather than aonther Neurrodegenerative Disease, Omar El-Agnaf, Lucilla Parnetti, and Paolo Calabresi

Semiconducting Polymer, Yousef Haik, Ahmed Ibrahim Ayesh, and Mahmood Allawy Mohsin

Concentration measuring apparatus for Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Flow, and Method for determining Sulfide Ion, Sayed Marzouk and Mohamed Al Marzouqi

Method for Treating Particulate Material, Abdel-Mohsin Onsy Mohamed and Maisa Mabrouk El Gamal

Nano-sized composites containing Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone Modified Sodium Silicates and Method for Making Binders using same, Bdel-Mohsin Onsy Mohamed and Maisa Mabrouk Al Gamal

Submissions from 2013

Diagnostic Agent, Omar El-Agnaf

Lower Extremity Vehicle Navigation Control System, Hazem Elshorbagy; Husam Haboush; Reem Almarzouqi,; and Yousef Haik

Filter and Process of use to produce Carbon nano-tubes from Automotive Exhausts, Yousef Haik

Submissions from 2012

Process to produce Carbon Nano-tubes from Carbon Rich Wastes, Yousef Haik

Submissions from 2011

Process to produce Carbon nantubes from microalgae, Yousef Haik

Method for Treating Cement Kiln Dust, Abdel-Mohsen Onsy Mohamed,