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Master of Science (MS)


Foundations of Education

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Dr. Ali Ibrahim

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Dr. ShaikahAl Taneiji

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Dr. Omar Khasawneh


The purpose of this study was to examine teachers' perspectives of leadership styles of school principals and the Heads of Department (HoD), and how they affect teamwork performance in Al Ain private schools. This study addressed three research questions: (A) What is the relationship between principals’ leadership styles and HoDs’ leadership styles? (B) What is the relationship between HoDs’ leadership styles and teamwork performance among teachers? (C) What are the challenges, if any, which teachers face when working as teams?

The study participants were 355 teachers from 15 private schools in the City of Al Ain. Data was collected using a questionnaire with five sections: demographic questions, leadership behaviors practiced by the Principal and HoD, behaviors practiced by teachers in the department, behaviors of teachers working in teams, and the challenges faced by teachers while working in teams. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics (frequencies, means, and standards deviations) and the Pearson correlation test. The study results and findings indicated that there is a significant positive relationship between principals' leadership styles and HoDs’ leadership styles in that both groups lean toward adopting similar styles. Moreover, it was discovered that the head of departments, more than the principals, have great influence on teamwork performance. Finally, this study illustrated some challenges faced by teachers while working in teams such as teachers rely on other team members to complete their work and some team members have maintained to their ideas and do not accept others opinions.

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