The existence of fishing harbors became one of the factor that implies the performance of local fishermen. Since 2015, the fishing industry in Yemen has faced increased challenges, including a significant drop in the level of production; fish processing plants halting, and the disempowerment of the Ministry of Fish Wealth. Local fish landing centers and auction squares in the city of Aden suffer from a specific problem, which lies in their lack of many important services. Based on the problem, the study purposes to facilitate handling of fish products and provide comfortable environment for sellers, and consumers. Considering the needs of landing centers’ services, the study implement an assessment to show that there is a large diversity in services between the five fish landing sites. The study apply a qualitative-descriptive method by collecting primary data from field observations and interviews. The analysis was supported by secondary data collected from literature and precedent studies. The study conclude that the rehabilitation of the main fish landing centers will prevent the spread of Illegal auction squares, which were opened by private sector. The priority recommendations would be focused on jetty construction and upgrades, development of a vocational program for fisheries and fencing of the fish landing centers.