The study reviewed the academic programs in the universities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to measure their attention to teaching the urban heritage through the analysis of curse description and apply the definition of urban heritage to this description, and then determine whether this article takes care of the teaching of urban heritage. In order to conduct the evaluation, a digital scale designed to evaluate the universities in terms of urban heritage teaching at four levels.

The study reached the following results:

• The number of universities that teach the urban heritage 12 out of 29 public universities, which is 41%.

• King Saud University awarded the first place in terms of teaching urban heritage.

• Hail University ranked second, surpassing Umm Al Qura University, Imam Abdul Rahman Bin Faisal University, and King Abdul Aziz University.

The study recommended the following:

• Forming a committee from the Ministry of Education to discuss and visit the University of Hail to find out the reasons for its attention to teach the urban heritage, to find out the point of view of those responsible for this care, and transfer experience to the rest of the universities of the Kingdom

• The Saudi Commission for Tourism and national heritage is a candidate for the establishment of a national conference on the teaching of urban heritage called universities and jurisdictions, in which practical experiments are discussed, in particular the experience of King Saud University and the experience of Hail University.