Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)


Curriculum & Instruction

First Advisor

Dr. Sadiq Abdulwahed Ismail

Second Advisor

Dr. Ali Said Ibrahim

Third Advisor

Dr. Mohamad Sadeg Shaban


Learning writing is an important element in language acquisition. Writing is one of the tools of communication and exchanges between cultures. Many students have a negative attitude toward writing and consider writing as the most difficult skill of all. Writing in English is an issue from which many non-native students suffer. This study aims to investigate students' views toward the use of strategies and the challenges they face with writing in English.

This study was conducted in one of the large female high schools in Al Ain. A 45 items structured Likert-scale questionnaire was developed. It was administered to 360 students to measure their views regarding writing difficulties and strategies.

The questionnaire discovered that the vocabulary and language mechanics, especially punctuation, are the most serious problems students face when writing in English. However, the students also have spelling and grammar difficulties. Moreover, the study revealed that group work, brainstorming and planning are the best techniques that improve students' writing. Some students use reading as one important strategy to improve their writing.

In addition, students view writing in English as a very difficult skill and they become easily distracted when writing in English. The study showed that students prefer to write in an informal language rather than an academic language. Students consider that providing feedback is valuable, but they prefer receiving feedback from their friends more than from their teachers because teachers' feedback is usually associated with marks.

One important suggestion based on the study's findings is to focus on punctuation, vocabulary and sentence structure from the early stage of learning writing skills. Another suggestion based on the results of the study is about giving feedback for all writing's mistakes. Finally, this study suggested that strategies such as planning and brainstorming are crucial parts of writing successfully, and it should be taken as one of the most important components.