Bhoruka Fabcons: Entrepreneurial Innovation Within Family Business in India

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The case study talks about Mr Utsav Agarwal, and his family business, Bhoruka Fabcons Pvt Ltd (BFPL). BFPL focused on designing and manufacturing aluminium products used in various industries. Utsav had a vision of transforming BFPL into a leading 'Downstream Aluminium' company in India. However, upon joining the company, he realized that BFPL was still operating as a support arm to the extrusion business and struggling to achieve its vision. The company's revenue was stagnant, and its products were not highly engineered or differentiated from its competitors. He proposed focusing on value-added products, collaborations with foreign firms, and financial management. Utsav also led a team of engineers, designers, and marketers to develop innovative products that could meet customers' evolving needs in the Railways, automotive, and EV segments. The goal was to transform BFPL into a value-added manufacturing arm that could provide highly engineered products in the market and achieve the vision of being the leading 'Downstream Aluminium' company in India. The case study also covers the challenges faced by the CEO, including making tough decisions, facing obstacles, and overcoming setbacks, and how the strategies applied by Utsav transformed BFPL into a leading 'Downstream Aluminium' company in India. The case study story aims to inform and inspire students about Family Businesses and associated challenges, strategies, and teamwork.