Sustainable Strategies for the Fruit Beverage Industry in the UAE: A Case Study of Barakat Group of Companies

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This report analyzes the challenges and opportunities facing the fruit juice industry in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with a focus on the Barakat Group of Companies. The report highlights the changing consumer preferences towards healthy beverages and the growing demand for sustainable food processing and waste minimization. The report also discusses the challenges facing the fruit beverage industry, such as high packaging costs, food wastage, import of fruits and vegetables, and logistics. The report examines Barakat Group's operations and its sustainability practices, including quality assurance, cold chain management, and certifications. The report also analyzes the challenges faced by Barakat Group in terms of water usage, waste management, and carbon footprint. Finally, the report proposes possible next steps for Barakat Group to improve its sustainability practices and collaborate with other juice companies to find creative solutions to food waste and carbon footprint.