Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)


Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Dr. Hasan Essa Al Khamiri

Second Advisor

Dr. Ali S. Ibrahim

Third Advisor

Dr. Shaikhah Al tenaiji


This study aimed at identifying the extent of instructional leadership practices in Al-Ain government schools as perceived by teachers, the practices that this study investigated are related to five domains: schools goals, supervision ,curriculum, student performance and professional development.

This study was guided by three research questions and used both quantitative and quantitative analysis in identifying the extent of instructional leadership Data for this study were collected through a survey using a Likert scale. It was sent to 644 teachers in Al - Ain public schools who taught in different grade levels, Teachers selected were males and females from different age group. Years of experience and qualification; and they were UAE nationals and foreign teachers

Statistical tests included means, Percentages and standard deviations. One-way ANOVA test was used to analyze the quantitative part of the questionnaire. The answers to the open-ended questions in the last part of the questionnaire were analyzed qualitatively only four principals of different genders, ages, and years of experience. And educational backgrounds were interviewed. The aim of interviews was to know their perceptions about the extent of instructional leadership according to five domains.

The results of this study showed opposite views from both sides. Teachers in Al- Ain schools perceive their principal’s instructional leadership behaviors as highly existent whereas the views of teachers in the interviews as positive. Further, the results also revealed that female principals tend to manage schools far better than the male principals do.

Finally, what the school principals need was motivation to adopt leadership practices,Training by professional s who can understand their situation better, colleague who can share Experience and follow up with them and show them how and when to apply the leadership

Practices effectively.