Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)


Curriculum & Instruction

First Advisor

Dr. Sadiq Abduwahed Ismail

Second Advisor

Dr. Mohamad Sadeg Shaban

Third Advisor

Dr. Abdel Rahman Mitib Altakhaineh


The present study examines the impact of writing workshops on third-grade students’ writing achievements and English teachers’ perceptions about the use of writing workshops to teach writing in an elementary public school in Al Ain, UAE. This study also addresses the challenges that English teachers encounter when implementing writing workshops in writing classes. A mixed-method design was employed to answer the three main research questions of the study. Initially, the quantitative data were collected through the pre-post writing test which was administered to third-grade students (N=83). Subsequently, the qualitative data in the form of the semi-structured interviews were collected from third-grade English teachers (N=11). The study’s results indicate that the experimental group which is instructed by writing workshops score considerably higher in the posttest of writing compared to the control group which is taught through the regular method of writing. There are statistically significant differences in the post-test scores in favor of the experimental group. Another result reveals that English teachers report positive perceptions about using writing workshops in teaching writing. English teachers suggested that one of the major challenges that they face when implementing writing workshops in their classes is the time allocated for English and/or writing classes. The study contributes to the literature on writing workshops and English teachers’ perceptions in the UAE. Based on the results, the study ends with a set of theoretical and practical recommendations for educators, schools, policymakers, and further research. One of the important recommendations for educators is to adopt writing workshops as a common teaching method of writing across schools and districts to improve students’ writing achievements. In conclusion, the practice of writing workshops may provide teachers with a common ground to share their experiences and challenges during classes of writing workshops.