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Master of Judicial Studies (MJS)


Public Law

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طارق فتحي أبو الوفا

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وليد محمد الشناوي

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أحمد شوقي محمود


This study deals with the importance of performance measurement process, including the definition and procedures of work and levels of measurement and the implications of the federal public employee in the United Arab Emirates in accordance with the Human Resources Law of the Federal Government and its executive regulations. The main administrative and judicial guarantees approved by the law for the public His performance is fair and objective. The study concluded several results, the most important of which is to subject all employees in the federal government to the system of measuring performance regardless of their grades and methods of appointment to achieve justice and equality, and that the person responsible for the evaluation is the direct president of the employee as the closest and most familiar with the tasks and responsibilities entrusted to him, finally the guarantee of administrative and judicial grievance. The study came out a set of recommendations among which was the need to include the right of administrative appeal of all performance measurement levels so as to include staff on estimate exceeds expectations and meets expectations, and not limiting this right to an employee who has a result of needs to improve the application of the general rules and equality at work

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