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Master of Education (MEd)


Foundations of Education

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Dr. Shaikah AI-Taneiji

Second Advisor

Dr. Ali Ibrahim

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Dr. Sheree Jederberg-Audet


At a time of significant educational reform in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), teacher professional development (PD) plays an instrumental role in equipping teachers with the knowledge, teaching practice, skills and competencies to improve students’ learning outcomes. This study explores the impact of Tamkeen: Empowering Educators Programme, which was a large-scale teacher PD training initiative by the Abu Dhabi Education and Knowledge (ADEK) PD Division. Carried out from 2012 to 2016, the programme was designed to improve participating teachers’ competencies. This qualitative study was based on the perspectives of teachers who had participated in the programme, from eleven female schools and six male schools in Al Ain ADEK. The study incorporated the perspectives of participating teachers, and was based on three focus groups, and interviews with fourteen teachers. A number of conclusions are drawn in the study. Firstly, findings indicate that ADEK’s large-scale Tamkeen Training Programme had made perceived impact on teachers’ competencies. It was also found to have contributed to better teaching practices, had helped to foster more positive relationships between teachers and principals, colleagues, parents and students. Secondly, the study indicated that female teachers reported an improvement in their teaching skills, and in students’ learning and classroom behaviours, whereas male teachers were less positive about the impact of the training, particularly in improving their students’ academic performance and general behaviour. Finally, the study outlines some of the limitations of the training programme, and concludes with recommendations for future PD training endeavours.

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