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Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Prof. Rabah Iratni

Second Advisor

Dr. Rashed Alghafri

Third Advisor

Dr.Ranjit Vijayan


The recently introduced 6-dye Yfiler Plus multiplex which includes 27 Y-STR loci (DYS576, DYS389I, DYS635, DYS389II, DYS627, DYS460, DYS458, DYS19, YGATAH4, DYS448, DYS391, DYS456, DYS390, DYS438, DYS392, DYS518, DYS570, DYS437, DYS385 a/b, DYS449, DYS393, DYS439, DYS481, DYF387S1a/b and DYS533) has been used to study 343 UAE Arab male individuals using Yfiler Plus® amplification kit. This set includes seven rapidly mutating loci (RM Y-STRs). These RM Y-STRs are useful for discriminating between closely related and unrelated males.. According to measures of genetic diversity the highest diversity were observed at loci DYS385=(0.94984), DYF387S1=(0.930523) and DYS449=(0.895402). Therefore, these loci should be considered the most diverse and polymorphic for forensic testing which can be used to distinguish between male relatives. 313 haplotypes were observed in UAE Arab male population and 15 haplotypes were shared between two individuals. Discrimination capacity for 27 loci among the UAE Arab male population was determined to be 95.43% whereas haplotype diversity was found to be 0.99973. AMOVA results showed that UAE Arab male population was placed at far genetic distance from European populations such as Denmark, Italy, Spain and United States. While it shows closer genetic distance to the regional populations from Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen and Kuwait.

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