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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


Business Administration

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Riyad Eid

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Dr. Ananth Chiravuri


The process of organizational restructuring is an integral and common aspect that has been integrated into the growth and development of organizations all around the globe. It is mainly undertaken to ensure that organizations are up to date with ever-changing external and internal business environments in order to improve organizational effectiveness and efficiency. The government of Abu Dhabi emirate has developed a long term plan to guide future growth of the emirate (Abu Dhabi 2030). As a result, all of its departments and entities need to align to this strategic plan, which involves change. In many cases this has forced organizations/entities to restructure. This study empirically examines and rigorously investigates organizational restructuring covering all of the stages that organizational restructuring process goes through, starting from the adoption stage, which identifies the main reasons leading organizations undertake organizational restructuring. Then the study evaluates the role of the HR department in the organizational restructuring implementation and finally, it analyses the perception that line managers, HR department and organization employees have towards the HR Department’s role played during the organizational restructuring. It takes into consideration government and semi-government entities in Abu Dhabi Emirate, which have undergone restructuring in the last four years. The research methods include desk research and a survey questionnaire given to 307 participants. The study proposes a conceptual framework, which can be used as a guide to improve the management of organizational restructuring including its stages of adoption, implementation, and perception/implications.

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