Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Environmental Science

First Advisor

Gharib S. Aly

Second Advisor

Dr. Mohammed Abd-Alkareem


A rigorous mathematical model has been used to develop a steady state simulation program MEDNAR to analyze the multi-effect thermal vapor compression desalination (MED-TVC) plant at Umm Al-Nar power and desalination plant. The effect of thermodynamic losses on the thermal performance ratio, the specific heat transfer area and the specific flow rate of the cooling water are taken into account. The losses contemplated are the boiling point elevation and the temperature depression corresponding to the pressure drop during the vapor condensation process. The MEDNAR also takes into consideration the variation in the physical properties of the seawater with temperature and salt concentration, and the effect of the presence of non-condensable gases on the heat transfer coefficients in the evaporators. Sensitivity analyses, using this software, were conducted to study the effect of a number of process variables on the plant performance.

As a part of this thesis, an economic study has been carried out to determine the total water unit cost. This includes a cost break down in details for capital investment and production costs. Also an economic sensitivity analysis was performed to investigate the relationships between the fuel cost, plant production rate, operation and maintenance cost and plant running factor, and the total water unit cost.