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Master of Science in Jurisprudence (MSJ)


Public Law

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أ.د فتيحة محمد قوراري

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أ.د أبو الوفا محمد أبو الوفا

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أ.د علي محمود علي حمودة


States are renowned for paying great attention when dealing with children and taking into consideration the age and the occasion under which the occurrence of the crime with the reason being in relation to the consideration with the implementation of in treatment as an alternative to punishment. As per the law of Act 9 of Juvenile Delinquents and Vagrants for the year 1976, whereby the specific age of and when criminal responsibility or eliminations attached are in accordance with and comparative to UAE legislation. Developments in legislation in relation to the criminal responsibility for delinquent children. Disciplined measures that lay upon the child Conditions in relation the displacement of minors of countering delinquent in UAE and comparative law countering delinquent in UAE and comparative law.

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Criminal Law Commons