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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Ferhat Mameri

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Zalfah Rihani

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Ali Shehadeh


Drama is one of the most significant literary genres. The primary characteristic that sets drama apart from any other literary form is 'performance on stage'. Other elements contribute to its impact such as speakability and performability and the extra linguistic features drama possesses. Translating drama and assessing the quality if its translation should therefore consider such elements. AI-Qinai's seven parameters of translation quality assessment (TQA) are employed in assessing two Arabic translations of Shakespeare's Macbeth produced by Jabra Ibrahim Jabra (1980) and Salah Niazi (2000). Mismatches between the source text (ST) and the target texts, (TT1 and TT2) are highlighted. Attempts are made to solve some of the pragmatic and semantic problems pertaining to translating dramatic texts by means of employing a cognitive approach to translation. By addressing elements of speakability and performability as well as nonverbal characteristics, it is believed that drama translation may overcome some of its obstacles in the TT. Consequently, TQAs should be modified in a manner that caters to drama as an exclusive literary form. Comparing contextual and pragmatic equivalences rather than focusing on the formal and linguistic aspects of drama is considered key in a successful TQA.

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