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Master of Judicial Studies (MJS)


Public Law

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د. علاء محيي الدين مصطفى أبو أحمد

Second Advisor

أ. د ٍسام سليمان دله

Third Advisor

أستاذ مساعد


The legislator of the United Arab Emirates has determined the principle of legality and rule of law, as stipulated in Articles 44 and 94 of the Constitution. If the administration contravenes the principle of legality, the invalidity of the act which is in breach of the law becomes void. The invalidity varies in its gravity and effects according to the degree of the violation. However, the rule is that legal authority granted by law to that right; since administrative acts are deemed legal in principle, and it is not decided to invalidate such acts except by a judicial ruling must establish nullity. This thesis provides a comparative and analytical study of the legal system of administrative disputes in the United Arab Emirates.

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