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Master of Judicial Studies (MJS)


Private Law

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Muhammed Hasan Ali Muhammed Al Qasimi

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Nagi Wakim

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Muhammed Al Amrani Zantar


Displays of civil aviation in recent times for the most terrorist operations that targeted the stability of the sector, as witnessed in 2016 the largest terrorist attacks against civil aviation hijacking civilian aircraft, or explode, or even harm the safety of air transportation facilities such as airports, and all those threats led to the decline in the economy airlines, which is why we stand on the causes and consequences in order to preserve the security of individuals from the exploiters of the air transport sector, as well as to preserve the security and the national economy.

In application of the international community is seeking to conclude the protection of international air transport international conventions, it has concluded the first international convention for civil aviation in 1919, namely the Paris Convention, followed by several international conventions, including the Convention on Varsovi 1929, the Chicago Convention in 1944, the Montreal Convention 1999, and other conventions that seek to the unification of the international air transport rules, and thus identified the responsibility of the international air carrier in a contract of carriage of passengers, which is what concerns us in this thesis from the statement of the terms of the international air carrier liability , especially in the terrorist operations faced by the international air transport, and what compensation endorsed by international conventions, and other legal issues raised by the subject of the thesis.

Thesis aims to terrorist acts endangered air transport manifesto and air by the carrier's liability, through a statement air carrier liability in maintaining the safety of passengers by taking the necessary measures, as well as to protect passengers from the dangers of terrorist acts and report compensation agreed internationally so that at least the amount of compensation for the minimum prescribed in international conventions.

Temporal limits: Between 2014 – 2016.

The spatial boundaries: Airlines and Airpoarts.

The study population: The international community, and exploiters of the International Air Transport facility in all countries of the world.

The researcher followed the thesis several research methods, have followed the descriptive method to show some judicial decisions, and the analytical method for the analysis of legal texts, as well as the comparative approach in comparing the texts of the UAE civil aviation law provisions of international conventions and other laws.

Researcher found through the study to several important results, which included responsibility for the air carrier and the different international conventions, so try the international community to reach air carriers and passengers rights budget, as well as the statement of compensation provisions, which also varied depending on the carrier's liability in international conventions.

Because the issue raised by the thesis of detailed legal questions, the researcher has reached several recommendations, including legal recommendations to amend certain provisions of the Federal Law No. 20 of 1991 on civil aviation in order to keep pace with recent developments in the air transport sector, as well as other general recommendations in the field of international air transport.

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