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Master of Judicial Studies (MJS)


Private Law

First Advisor

Dr. Magid Salih Azzaabi

Second Advisor

Emad Addahhiyat

Third Advisor

Dr.Mohammed Al Qasimi


This study aimed to achieve the fundamental goal is to identify the merger of companies in the UAE Federal Law No. 2 of 2015, and the ramifications of this goal several sub-goals, including identification of the concept of corporate mergers and rulings in the UAE law, the detection characteristics and motivations, and to identify the effects of the merger on companies and partners, shareholders and third parties from creditors and debtors and certain types of contracts.

Through my thesis for the merger of companies in the UAE Law No. 2 of 2015, and analysis of legal texts on the subject, and compare it with some other Arab and foreign laws, and then hiring some court rulings that have been mentioned in the same subject of the study, and then said that the integration of the advantages of and disadvantages, as well as to identify the legal consequences resulting from it.

The results showed that the legislator UAE has made a legal organization regulated by merging with it did not put a definition but has organized, and Also was organized by acquisitions and its provisions, and that of the most important things that has to be the legislator Emirati of attention which is to put some laws that prevent ask problematic monopoly and regulate the reduction of competition

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